Retrieval Practice – BBQs

I’m a big believer in using regular retrieval practice in lessons, so a few years ago when Mel (@just_maths) introduced her Bread and Butter Questions, I thought they were a fab idea.  Like most things, I like to tweak resources so they fit with what my students need, so I’ve done this with Mel’s idea to produce my own set of BBQs for my year 10 class. BBQ Pic

The BBQs are in sets of 4, so the 5 questions on each set are repeated in different guises (we have 4 lessons in a week, so each set lasts a week!).  Sometimes they get progressively more difficult, and other times are more practice of the same process. They are meant to be straightforward fluency questions, but depending on what we’ve been doing, I may have slipped in a slightly more problematic style question.


BBQ 1.1     BBQ 1.2     BBQ 1.3     BBQ 1.4

BBQ 2.1     BBQ 2.2     BBQ 2.3     BBQ 2.4

BBQ 3.1     BBQ 3.2     BBQ 3.3     BBQ 3.4

BBQ 4.1     BBQ 4.2     BBQ 4.3     BBQ 4.4

BBQ 5.1     BBQ 5.2     BBQ 5.3     BBQ 5.4

BBQ 6.1     BBQ 6.2     BBQ 6.3     BBQ 6.4

BBQ 7.1     BBQ 7.2     BBQ 7.3     BBQ 7.4

BBQ 8.1     BBQ 8.2     BBQ 8.3     BBQ 8.4

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