GCSE Foundation Folder Pages

Used with year 11 GCSE foundation groups.  Explanation and questioning with the use of a visualiser! Tasks from Just Maths and Mathspad have been removed as these are subsrciption resources.  I have also removed activities from Corbettmaths text book exercises.  I’ve linked in where I’ve used or adapted activities from Tes.


Exact Calculations

Indies and laws

Adding and subtracting fractions

Multiplying and dividing fractions

Using pi in exact calculations

Introducing Standard Form (Uses activity from denningh on Tes here)

Multiplying and Dividing Standard Form



Linear plotting review

Equation of a graph review

Features of quadratic graphs

Recognising graphs

Graphs Mini Test

Other real life graphs

Conversion Graphs


Generating sequences

Finding nth term

Special sequences

Ratio and Proportion

Units and proportionality

Direct and Inverse proportion

Growth and Decay

Exchange Rates


2d Shape

Rectangle and Triangle Area/Per

Parallelgram and Trapezium Area

Compound Area

Circumference of circle

Area of Circle


Interior Angles

Exterioir Angles



Triangle Construction

Pythagoras and Trigonometry

Longest or shortest Sides

Trig intro

Trig Missing Side

Trig and Pythag Mini Quiz

Trig Missing Angle

Pythag or trig?


Intro to vectors

Addition and subtraction of vectors


Charts and Graphs

Drawing charts (compound bar and pie)

Grouped tables and histograms


MMMR Comparing Data

Averages from a table

Comparing grouped data

Time Series Graphs

Scatter Graphs


Sum of probs

Expected Outcomes

Combined Probability

Possibility spaces

Venn diagrams and set notation

Venn diagrams and problem solving

Sets and venn diagrams mini assess

Frequency and probabliity trees

Calculating probability

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