I am currently (April 2022) in my third year of teaching AQA Level 3 Mathematical Studies (2A). My first cohort completed their studies in 2021, and were awarded Teacher Assessed Grades. Now in 2022, I have my first cohort sitting the actual exams.

Over the past 3 years I have used resources from several places, including the lessons put together by the first teachers in our school to teach Core Maths four years ago. I have also prepared my own resources, and would like to be able to share them. I just need to sort them out so that it is just my work I’m sharing as mine!

Key Skills

So over Easter 2022, I started a little project of putting together some key skills, and I got a little carried away, resulting in the following Key Skills Question Generator and Self Marking Sheets. Need to think of a snappier title. There are caveats that it’s not perfect, and I am still learning some of the aspects needed, but I’m pretty pleased with the first version. The version below doesn’t have the macros, but that one can be downloaded at this link: Core Maths Key Skills Self Marking with macros

Decided to make a revision mat out of some of the keys skills!

2022 Preliminary Material Mock Questions

We decided to give a final mock exam for our students using the 2020 AQA paper, but adapting it for the 2022 preliminary material and advanced information. We wrote alternative questions for q4 and q7 on paper 1, and changed q6a to drawing a histogram. For paper 2a, we just wrote new questions for the preliminary material.

Statistical Analysis

Normal Distribution and Confidence Intervals

Correlation and Regression

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