This is the first year we’ve given year 10s a past paper for their end of year assessment, and I’m really pleased we’ve done it.  Not only does it give the most realistic working at grade, but I can do a proper analysis of the topics assessed so I know initial areas to target with my group.  Thanks to, as I was able to adapt one of their results templates from a more recent exam to the June 2012 exam and have rolled out with all our year 10 groups. Actually looking forward to inputting the marks to get the picture of where we are and what we need to do.

June 2012 Foundation Edexcel Results Template

June 2012 Higher Edexcel Results Template

Unfortunately, I don’t seem able to upload with the macros working.

Comments on: "Edexcel June 2012 Results Template for Year 10s" (1)

  1. This is very useful.
    Thanks. I do the same with both years each term at the end and then make a mental and written note of any strengths and weaknesses etc. I note down any areas of improvement too. I glance at the exam papers and look at the responses to each single question as well. I use the information to my advantage.
    I also pay close attention to the results of the weekly revision quizzes that are done in class and any homework question slips etc. All this is used to decide which tier of entry is best and determine a final grade.
    Can I borrow this or not? Previously I used a bar chart or Excel to record my information.

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