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Give the answers with the questions

The end of term has finally arrived, and whilst I’m most definitely looking forward to spending quality time with my boys, I’m also keeping in mind ideas to take forward with my groups in Seprtember.
The first is simple, and I wish I’d thought of it much sooner. Give the answers whilst pupils are completing exercises! Not next to the question of course, but all mixed up. I’ve done this twice in the last week of teaching. First with a lower ability year 8 who were using column addition and subtraction, and then with high ability year 10, who were doing a directed follow up exercise on Sine and Cosine rules. What worked so well was the pupils were checking their workings if the answer wasn’t there before asking for help. And if they had got it wrong, it didn’t get left until the end; if they were correct they could move on confidently. It seems so obvious now!