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Hopefully this will be a short but informative post! MathsConf21 – my aim was to present but with moving to a new school and going full time I chickened out. But I did get to go to 5 very informative workshops which I can share all about.

Thanks, as always, go to Mark McCourt and his team at La Salle for allowing this affordable and relevant CPD to happen, and to all the amazing teachers who give up their Saturdays to help each other. This is the true meaning of a community. And where La Salle never fail to deliver, this time they outdid even themselves. A big announcement was on the cards, and oh wasn’t it big!  Here’s the link: autograph


I am quite excited about learning how to use Autograph properly and sharing especially with my Year 12 students.

There were 5 workshops throughout the day I attended. Rather than write about them, this time I’m going to upload my sketch notes, inspired by the amazing @olicav and @MrsHawthorne maths. These are available as a pdf download here.


I enjoyed being able to bring another puzzle to the tweet up at lunchtime. This conference it was @mathequalslove link to the Fisher maths puzzle Crazy 8s (here) which both exasperated and delighted some willing folks! We will be starting a puzzle club at our school soon and I’m sure the students will get loads of fun, and build lots of resilience, from some of Sarah’s puzzles she shares.

And finally mathsconf wouldn’t be the same without the opportunity to meet up with some lovely Twitter friends the evening before and during the day, and meeting new people as well. As always, a brilliant day – hopefully see you at the next one!