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Learning Mats

It’s that time in the holidays, when, after finally managing to take a complete break, I’m back reading twitter and blogs, mentally preparing for the new year. Very quickly, mentally preparing has become resource preparing.

Last year, I created some learning mats (Basic Learning Map) to aid pupils during their lesson time. I ended up only using them with a lower year 9 group, especially with a couple of pupils who particularly used the 100 square to support their number work. I very quickly wished I’d put a multiplication grid on, as although an advocate for pupils knowing their tables, I also do not want pupils to feel as though they can’t progress in other areas because they don’t know their tables! A blog for another day.

So after coming across Colleen Young’s (Learning Names) idea for name cards, I thought this could be an opportunity to create support aids for pupils which they can keep themselves Name mats. It is initially my year 7 group I have in mind for this, as they are the only group I won’t know, having started our timetable at the end of the Spring Term. The algebra basics comes from a poster created by Mr Williams Maths (Algebra Basics).

The one section outside is left blank for pupil’s to complete with their names, whilst along with the conversions and area formulae, the other section inside I thought pupils could add their own particular ideas that they want to refer to.

I am taking on a Year 11 class this coming year, an extra group that gets created for Year 11 as an extra teacher is put in.  They are C/D pupils, so next step may be to create a name learning mat for that group.

Name Learning Mat Name Learning Mat 1