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Hypothesis Testing

Teaching new spec Alevel Statistics for the first time this year (previously taught S1), so the first time I’ve taught Hypothesis Testing. Having heard one of my Y13 Pure students moan about Hypothesis Testing, I definitely thought I need to be over prepared. At mathsconf, Catriona Agg @Cshearer41 ran a session on Hypothesis Testing for correlation and how she introduced it to her students, so I thought I’d try a similar approach, shamelessly magpieing her brilliant ideas for picturing the situation and probabilities. Using Joe Berwick’s @BerwickMaths notes for statistics ( to help me ensure I’d got the correct language when talking through the introduction, I put together an ‘almost’ picture story on Ducks and Green (Seier, E. and Robe, C. , (2002), Ducks and Green – An Introduction to the Ideas of Hypothesis Testing. Teaching Statistics Vol 24 Num 3 Pages 82-86