Mock Exam Follow up

Our year 11s have completed another mock paper, and I wanted a more robust way of each pupil working on a topic which they shouldn’t have lost marks on, along the idea of @just_maths oops sheets.  I knew which topics I wanted to target, and whilst looking at the PRET homework that @mathsjem and @DIRT_expert collated, I put together worksheets with a model solution to the target question, the memory box for revision, skills practice and exam question practice.  I’m so grateful to the resources that fellow maths teachers put online, as I was able to quickly find appropriate questions from the PRET homeworks (thanks to @_rhi_rhi, @AdamGoodridge18)

The worksheets are all below, remembering the credit going to the above folks.

Mar13 2H 05Circl

Mar13 2H 11ExpandFactorise

Mar13 2H 13Pythagoras

Mar13 2H 13Trigonometry

Mar13 2H 15SimilarShapes

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