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Mock Exam Follow up

Our year 11s have completed another mock paper, and I wanted a more robust way of each pupil working on a topic which they shouldn’t have lost marks on, along the idea of @just_maths oops sheets.  I knew which topics I wanted to target, and whilst looking at the PRET homework that @mathsjem and @DIRT_expert collated, I put together worksheets with a model solution to the target question, the memory box for revision, skills practice and exam question practice.  I’m so grateful to the resources that fellow maths teachers put online, as I was able to quickly find appropriate questions from the PRET homeworks (thanks to @_rhi_rhi, @AdamGoodridge18)

The worksheets are all below, remembering the credit going to the above folks.

Mar13 2H 05Circl

Mar13 2H 11ExpandFactorise

Mar13 2H 13Pythagoras

Mar13 2H 13Trigonometry

Mar13 2H 15SimilarShapes

Learning Journey

With a new timetable for the last 3 weeks, I thought it would be a great chance to try some new resources.  So with my middle 8s an bottom 9s, I have used a learning journey for their unit of work, following discovering  I just adapted for my groups and unit of work.  It involves an initial assessment, with peer assessment, so pupils can see what they can already do and then set targets for what they would like to achieve from the objectives.  I just asked them to think of one thing they’d particularly like to be able to do, but emphasising it’s not the only thing they’ll be doing!  At the end of each lesson, they write what they have learnt (on their journey!).  Hopefully it will help them see their progress over time.

Learning Journey Numeracy

oops! Upside down photo!





Let’s start blogging

I’ve recently discovered how much wealth of knowledge, discussion and resources are shared by maths bloggers and tweeters.  Having now been teaching for over 5 years, I’ve started to build up my own library of resources which I can share (some of which has been “pinched” from websites such as Tes).  I’m also very much enjoying trying out different ideas and developing these.  So one place to share is on my own blog!  Happy blogging 🙂